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"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." - Saint Augustine

About Me

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I just finished school and will now spend a year abroad travelling troughout Australia and New Zealand. I'm looking forward to experience the new culture and animal life. On this blog I will keep you posted on all the new impressions I encounter.

I booked my next Trip

March 30, 2019

While being back home was great, I feel a urge to go back into the world. So today I booked a flight to New Zealand and I'll complete the second part of my journey. I'm feeling utterly excited as I've been told, that the nature of New Zealand is very diverse and impressive.

Back home

December 20, 2018

It's close to Christmas and I'm looking forward to meet all my friends again. My parents were welcoming me at the airport and I recognized how dearly I missed them. Looking back at the past year I had a wonderful time in Australia and learned a lot. Although my car broke down, I experienced such many beautiful things. I would have never expected to see a dolphin in the wild or how magnificient the Great Barrier Reef was. But it's also great to see all people from school again. I'll share probably a lot a stories with them, that's for sure.

Unexpected Turn

November 30, 2018

Sorry for the late update. But the last month was a really hard time for me and I was not in the mood for writing...

When I tried leaving Gold Coast my car broke down. Fortunately a nice driver towed me back to a mechanic in Gold Coast. After a terribly long inspection the mechanic came with bad news to me. The engine is broken and repairing it would cost me around 3000 AUD. As that was way too much for me to pay I had to give up the car. I stayed for a while in Gold Coast thinking about what to do next. Finally with Advent at the doorstep, I decided that it would be best to end my trip around Australia early and fly back home. I'm looking forward to meet my parents and my whole family again.

Baby steps - Standing on a surfboard

October 17, 2018

I'm still near Gold Coast and after quite some time training it I finally were able to stand on a surfboard and ride my first wave. Unfortunately I can't show you a photo of that as my balancing skills are not that good, that I could also take a photo of me at the same time.

More days like this at the Gold Coast

September 29, 2018
Gold Coast

I'm now at Gold Coast which is known for its beautiful beaches. I'll stay here again to relax a bit and I'm thinking about learning to surf.

Finally at the Great Barrier Reef

September 14, 2018
Great Barrier Reef

I finally got to see the Great Barrier Reef. The amount of color be it the corals or the fish is breathtaking. A photo can not describe what I've seen. But I also learned, that the Great Barrier Reef is dieing because of global warming. That's so sad and people should really try to reduce their carbon dioxide footprint.

Townsville Hill

September 12, 2018

My diving tour is delayed as there will be no tour until Friday. Therefore today I got on top of the Townsville Mountain, which gives you a beautiful view over the city and the beach.

Great Barrier Reef - So close, yet so far

September 10, 2018

I reached the Great Barrier Reef (okay not the Reef, but I'm really close in Townsville). Tomorrow I'll get a waterproof camera and book a diving tour to the Reef.

Indonesia - Yes or No?!

August 25, 2018

During my traveling towards Darwin I found out that it is really close to Indonesia. That got me thinking if I perhaps could make a stop there...

But no worries, I'm still heading towards the Great Barrier Reef. Perhaps I'll go to Indonesia instead of New Zealand after I made my trip around Australia.

Its getting green

August 24, 2018
Near Darwin

I'm now near Darwin and its finally green around me. I saw waterfalls and it was a real refreshment bathing in this lake. My next stop will be the Great Barrier Reef.

Near Pardoo

August 18, 2018
Pardoo Cliff

I've ended my holidays at the west coast about a week ago and I am now near Pardoo. Again its very deserty and not that much too see from the road. Once you leave the road and make a trip to the cost you'll see a very interesting cliffs.

Under the Sea - Snorkeling

August 10, 2018

I went snorkeling today. It was really impressive and the corals are really colorful. I'm looking forward to soon see the Great Barrier Reef, once I get there. As I forgot to buy a waterproof camera I unfortunately can not share a picture with you today. But be assured, once I reach the Great Barrier Reef I'll be prepared.


July 30, 2018
Perth Beach

Today at the beach I've been visited by dolphins. First I only saw the fin and got scared as I thought it would be a shark. But they came very close to the beach and then I saw them. Such magnificient animals <3.

It's been a while...

July 20, 2018

It's been quite a while since my last update... I've reached west australia with its beautiful beaches. I'll stay here for a while and make some holidays.

My first Kangaroo

June 15, 2018

I've seen my very first Kangaroo in the wild. Sorry for the bad quality picture but I was kind of scared and did not want it to run away from me.

Desert, Desert, Desert

June 12, 2018

Right now I'm near Nullarbor. I've not seen trees in a while and most of the time I drive through the desert. I feel the sand everywhere in my clothes and during the day it's really hot. My best moment of the past week was a trip to the nearby cliffs, which looks magnificient.

Hello Melbourne

June 6, 2018

Today in the morning I started my trip from Sydney to the first stop of my voyage: Melbourne It's getting dark but the city looks beautiful. I'll probably stay a few days in the city and then continue

First Day with my new car

June 5, 2018
My Car

Although it took me some time to find a car, if finally found a suitable one. I'm super lucky to get such a big one although it was not that cheap. Now I only need to add a mattress to my trunk and I'm good to go.

Finally there!!!

June 3, 2018
Arrived at the airport

I'm jetlagged and super tired, but I can't wait to start my journey. For today I will stay in a hotel and after that I'll try to buy a car to drive around australia.

The journey begins

June 1, 2018
The journey begins

I'm thrilled that it finally becomes true. Tomorrow I'll be on the other side of the world and live my lifelong dream. Stay tuned.

Packing Tip #1

March 31, 2018
Picture of socks

Of course I need to pack a lot of clothing into my bags for my upcoming year. But space is limited as I can't carry around to many bags and I don't want to pay for an extra bag for my flight. So here comes my Packing Tip #1:

Tightly roll your clothes like T-Shirts, underwear etc as a sausage. Then put those roles into the socks you are going to wear. The socks keep the cloth rolls compressed, so you can pack in more clothing into your bags.

Hello There

I set up the blog, Feb 27, 2018

After years of dreaming about my journey in Australia I finally get to do it myself. There are a lof of travel blogs and vlogs out there, which I thoroughly enjoyed, while preparing for this life changing voyage. On this blog I will share some tips and tricks for travelling in Australia and of course share gorgeous pictures of Australia's wildlife.